● Why should your City join in?
Any City would want to get its citizens engaged and motivated. Everyone needs to know that their efforts, perseverance and struggle are appreciated by their family, friends, colleagues or superiors at work. And the more effectively we are able to do that, the more people will pursue their goals and dreams. To be recognized for your perseverance in a personal achievement goes a long way.
Never Give Up Day offers a host of economic and social benefits. August 18 will attract intense interest and responses from people eager to celebrate Never Give Up Day, whilst the local business will enthusiastically embrace the accompanying commercial opportunities. There are so many ways that the private and public sectors can benefit from this celebration day. Never Give Up Day gives people the desire to make things special, not only for themselves but also for those who have always supported and inspired them, especially during the difficult times of life. Whether they’re looking to go on a dinner with their better half who has never given up on them, or they’re planning to celebrate another milestone with their staff and co-workers, Never Give Up Day will become an important celebration and dining day for many people. All the preparation for workshops, fundraising, awareness actions and gifts leading up to the August 18 celebration of Never Give Up Day will add up to the local economy.