One patient with high-risk cancer had a mastectomy at age twenty-nine. At thirty-one, she had advanced Stage IV cancer with widespread massive liver and bone involvement and, subsequently, extensive lung metastases. She also had an amazingly strong will to live.

“I would get out of bed every morning as if nothing was wrong,” she once said. “I may have known I was going to have to face things and could feel sick during the day, but I never got out of bed that way. There was a lot I was fighting for. I had a three-year-old child, a wonderful life, and a magical love affair with my husband.”
Thirty years later, she is still alive, still on chemotherapy, and still living an active life.
The experience of illness not only is destructive in a physical way but can be a major deterrent to your fighting attitude and will to live. But even during the roughest times, there are often untapped reserves of physical and emotional strength to call upon to help you survive it. These reserves can add meaning to your life as well as serve as a lighthouse that leads you to a safe haven during a turbulent storm. 
NEVER GIVE UP DAY 08/18 helps and encourages people to persist through their challenges