August 18th is Never Give Up Day, a day that appeals to so many for so many ways. Over the last year we have all been through so much together. Whether it’s illness, disability or burnout, we keep looking for a reason to keep going., despite the hurdles we’ve faced, we must continue to persevere.
Never Give Up Day applies to every community, offering radio stations a wide variety of programs, viewpoints, content and reaching out to an audience who truly need a day like this. On Never Give Up Day, you can provide your listeners/audience with stories that inspire them to overcome, something so much needed to address the challenges we all face.
On Never Give Up Day we give the thumbs up to all our listeners, audience and members for their incredible work and for never giving up. The day not only applauds people for reaching their goals but also supports those who are still trying to achieve their goals. From inspiring people who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities to those who have figured out ways to be resourceful when they lacked resources. 
“Never Give Up Day – August 18th, because the world needs more people to tell them to never give up.”
Question / Program #1
One of the most important lessons we can teach people is to never give up and keep fighting to survive and thrive. So each year on August 18 we honor the men and women who go beyond their means to give the best of their abilities to achieve their goals. We look to hear from all of you who in the act of pursuing their dreams, have become the ones people find inspiring.
Q: Is your life story about facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but nonetheless refused to quit?
Q: Is your story of your life about overcoming difficulties and turning them into your favor?
Q: How many false starts did you survive before finally succeeding?
Q: We know how easy it is for someone to reject you or your ideas, but how easy is it for someone to make you feel rejected?
Q: Who are you so proud of that went after his/her goals, sticked on that bumpy journey and never gave up?
Question / Program #2
On Never Give Up Day, we applaud the strength of everyone surviving out there. Never Giving Up will demand more of you than anything you’ve ever done before. It will require courage, determination, patience and leadership from you that you may have never exercised.
Q: What passion burns inside of you that you can’t live without it?
Q: If it’s truly something you can achieve, can anyone or anything dissuade you to give up? 
Question / Program #3
Bringing new meaning to Never Give Up. What does “never giving up” really mean?
Q: Is it an action? Is it an attitude? Is it a philosophy? 
Q:  If you end up achieving the amazing thing you’ve dreamed of doing but someone finds out that you failed a bunch of times on the way, are you automatically disqualified from being awesome?
Q: Did you ever think about giving up, like working on something that got to be very difficult, or things that pushed you to let go your plans?
Q: Is there a subtle difference between stepping back, letting go and giving up?
Q: If you try and fail, will it give you a sense of defeat, or will it bring you a feeling of consolation that you have at least tried?
Question / Program #4
One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you and through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. 
Never Give Up Day is a special day that we spend with those who were always there for us.
Q: To whom are you grateful for all the time that he/her stood by you, or for all the times they believed in you even when no one else did?
Q: To whom do you say ‘Thank You’ for being in your life through everything – someone who has never let you down, never given up on you in your most difficult times?  
Question / Program #5
The most significant advantage of not giving up is the priceless satisfaction one gets at the end of the road.
Q: What are the rewards for never giving up? 
Q: What is your cause worth fighting for?
Q: What is your most important reason why one should never give up?
Q: If you are forced or choose to give up on your dreams, would you live the rest of your lives with regrets?
Question / Program #6
Why is it important to celebrate Never Give Up Day? What are the reasons people would celebrate Never Give Up Day?
Q: Is it an opportunity to reinvent yourself?
Q: Does it open new doors you thought were unattainable?
Q: It Is a chance for acknowledging your achievement and struggles?
Q: Is it an occasion to bond with people who went through similar situations?
Question / Program #7
The popularity of telling people to never give up comes from the fact that as humans every aspect of our personality derives from our instinct to survive and sometimes we need to be reminded not to throw the towel in before we’ve given a situation a solid chance. 
But we don’t forget there’s also this saying: “He didn’t know when to quit.” While so many say they “never give up”,  something that is easy to say and therefore gets repeated a lot, some may say it’s not always true and that makes it tremendously bad advice.
Q: Not removing yourself from a hopeless situation, it is it pointless or damaging?
Q: If it is a fantasy, will you give up after understanding the reality?
Question / Program #8

The spirit of Never Give Up Day is to keep fighting! When we’re overcome with pain and we think there’s nothing more we can do, we keep fighting and find reasons to keep going

Q: Why is it that in times of crisis, we can come back stronger than before?
Question / Program #9
One does not just give up, there are several reasons attributed to giving up. What are the common reasons people give up?
Q: Why do people give up? 
Question / Program #10
Never Give Up Day brings out a deep passion in people as it offers a platform that helps them to bring that passion to life. Some people are struggling to find the right words and the right strategy to put these words into motion. Your contribution to Never Give Up Day will ignite people’s most hidden passion. 
Q: What is your most inspiring quote to share on #nevergiveupday
Q: As long as you don’t give up, you can achieve anything. True or not true?
Q: Is it a public shame to fail on your road to success?
Q: What are three things you would never give up on?
Q: What is another term for Never Give Up?
A: indefatigable?
B: Always determined?
C: Never willing to admit defeat?
D: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties?
E: Toughness? 
F: Resilience?
Never Give Up Day is a celebration day that appeals to so many in so many ways and nothing is more inspiring that learning from real people who manifested their dreams. Interviewing well known or even local bands, artists, or experts will add real credibility and authority on the topic. 
Q to Celebrity: 
What is your message that makes others want to believe and follow you in challenging times?