Payout Terms

Payouts Overview: Payouts involve the transfer of funds from the Never Give Up Day Marketplace to sellers or service providers. The frequency of payouts, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or upon specific triggers such as shipping confirmation or customer receipt confirmation, is determined by the marketplace. Payouts are subject to deductions for applicable fees and may require meeting minimum balance thresholds.

Payment Schedule: For items listed on the marketplace, such as services and events scheduled for the future, payouts are initiated 15 days after the seller marks the item as shipped or digitally delivered (e.g., event tickets). For physical products, payouts are initiated 5 days after delivery confirmation from the customer.Please note that additional processing time may be required for the funds to reach your account.

Benefits of Split Payments: Split payments streamline the management of a large number of sellers or providers by automatically distributing funds according to predefined rules or commission agreements. Split payments are applicable to verified sellers on the Never Give Up Day Marketplace.

Bank and Card Payouts: Never Give Up Day Marketplace facilitates payouts directly to sellers’ bank accounts or debit/prepaid cards through Stripe, a trusted payment services provider. Sellers typically link their cards to their marketplace accounts to receive payouts securely and efficiently.

Payment Terminal: Transactions on Never Give Up Day Marketplace are processed using Stripe, a globally recognized payment services provider trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. Stripe enables merchants to accept various payment methods securely, both online and in person. Never Give Up Day Marketplace does not have access to users’ credit card information and cannot initiate charges apart from authorized orders. Stripe, Inc. operates under stringent security protocols and is headquartered in South San Francisco, California, United States, and Dublin, Ireland.