Seller Guidelines

From registration to order fulfillment, our guidelines empower sellers to showcase their offerings effectively while upholding transparency and trust with buyers.

Registration and Profile Completion: Sellers must register, complete their profiles, select the relevant category, and list their items accurately to establish trust with buyers.

Providing Relevant Information: Sellers provide all relevant information for buyers, including product/service details and transparent pricing, excluding shipping costs.

Order Notification and Shipping Responsibility: Sellers are notified of orders through email and their dashboard. They are responsible for shipping items, but shipping calculation and courier services are provided by the platform, unless Free Shipping is offered. Sellers offering Free Shipping can choose their preferred courier.

Shipping infrastructure:Sellers can experience the competitive edge of our robust shipping infrastructure! With reliable shipping options from the outset, the Never Give Up Day Marketplace becomes your trusted partner for seamless global e-commerce.”

Competitive Pricing:Sellers set competitive and transparent prices or bid starting points to attract potential buyers or bidders.

Prompt Communication: Sellers respond promptly to inquiries or messages from interested buyers, as timely communication builds trust.

Payment Process: Sellers typically receive payment after successful delivery and confirmation by the buyer. Advanced payment options may be available for verified or trusted sellers, subject to specific criteria.

Buyer Confirmation: Buyers have a 72-hour window to confirm receipt of the delivered item.

Support and Clarification: Sellers can contact the support team for any questions or clarification regarding payment terms or guidelines.

Donations and Fundraising: Donations and funds raised through the platform are paid out at the end of the fundraising campaign, with partial payments disbursed based on campaign progress.

Low Commission Fees: We charge a low commission fee to keep the platform attractive for sellers while fostering a trustworthy environment.

Subscription Plans: While registration for sellers is free, our subscription plans offer enhanced visibility and increased listing allowances. With a monthly fee, sellers can elevate their presence and showcase more items to our vibrant community of buyers.

Amplify your exposure, connect with a wider audience, and inspire others with your offerings by sharing your items across your social networks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your sales potential and spread the spirit of resilience and perseverance.

Encouraging Platform Use: Sellers are encouraged to conduct their business with potential buyers on this platform to maintain a cohesive and supportive community.