Top 10 Industries That Can Benefit A Lot From Never Give Up Day

There Are So Many Ways That Your Sector Can Benefit From This Celebration Day.

  1. The Sport Industry: 
Sports are beneficial to all individuals because competitive activities teach people how to always keep going. The sports community recognizes that mental factors such as perseverance and determination are highly significant to athletic performance. Sports athletes Never Give Up because they always have a chance to win.
“One thing you learn in sports — you never give up!”


  1. The Fitness & Wellness Industry
The most common resolution for people around the world is to never give up losing those extra pounds. Weight is a major goal for around 97 million Americans. Never Give Up Day can be one of the most effective ways to encourage customers to sign up for a fitness club membership.
“Never Give Up Day allows you to execute some of the most iconic marketing strategy.” 


  1. The Self-Improvement Industry
Self-improvement is the process of gaining new skills and knowledge to become a better person, personally and professionally. The industry is an umbrella that encompasses all aspects of self-improvement — how to build self-esteem, lose weight, get rich, meet the love of your life, become successful and be physically fit. Nothing brings out the confidence and determination than taking on life’s greatest lesson: Never Give Up!
Never Give Up Day is a day that every coach should be out there coaching”


  1. The Health & Social Care Industry
The experience of illness not only is destructive in a physical way, but can be a major deterrent to our fighting attitude and will to live. But even during the roughest times, there are often untapped reserves of physical and emotional strength to call upon to help us survive it. These reserves can add meaning to people’s lives.  
“Never Give Up Day serves as a lighthouse that leads people to a safe haven during a turbulent storm.” 


  1. The Hospitality Industry (Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops … )
Never Give Up Day gives people the desire to make things special, not only for themselves, but also for those who have always supported and inspired them, especially during the difficult times of life. Whether they’re looking to go on a dinner with their better half who has never given up on them, or they’re planning to celebrate another milestone with their staff and co-workers, Never Give Up Day will become an important celebration and dining day for most people.
“As people walk past your restaurant, let them notice your chalkboard outside on your patio with a clever ‘never give up’ slogan that captures their attention.”


  1. The Media and Radio Industry
Cities across the country call upon their citizens to observe the day by making this day a springboard for awareness-raising actions. Never Give Up Day offers a compelling platform from which people can share their stories about their struggles and triumphs. 
Never Give Up Day is a perfect day to acknowledge the resilience and determination of all those who must never give up. Such programs and initiatives can be sponsored by local companies who have a strong sense of social awareness.
“The potential reach on social media alone is huge. There will be millions of tweets about Never Give Up Day.” 


  1. The Retail Industry
August 18 will attract intense interest and responses from people eager to celebrate Never Give Up Day, whilst the local retailers will enthusiastically embrace the accompanying commercial opportunities. All the preparation for workshops, fundraising, awareness-actions and gifts leading up to the August 18 celebration of Never Give Up Day add up to a huge opportunity for retailers. 
From blowing out candles to mark the anniversary of a success achieved over the years, to buying flowers or other gifts to encourage those who go through a process of struggle and recovery, are the most common  ways to celebrate Never Give Up Day. 
“Greeting cards, flowers, pastries and gifts will the largest components of Never Give Up Day spending.”


  1. The Third Sector Industry
Approximately 1.54 million nonprofits were registered with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2016. The ‘third sector’ is an umbrella term that covers a range of different organizations with different structures and purposes. The sector includes Charities – Voluntary and community organizations – Social enterprises and cooperatives. Around the world, they generate incredible impact on communities.
“Everybody deserves someone who will never give up on them.” 


  1. The Education Industry
The education industry plays a major role in the economic development of our country. Among the many resources that play a part in the growth of a country’s economy, human capital is perhaps the most important. Educational institutions contribute, in a major way, in the development of this resource. They are tasked with providing the talent pool for other industries, and this is critical when competing in global economy. Never Give Up Day remains relevant for the education industry as it focuses on cultivating a mindset of determination, ensuring our children to have a strong sense of self belief and confident in their own, unique abilities. Whatever the future holds, the ability to bounce back from setbacks will stand them in good stead.  
“Never Give Up Day helps them to build that inner strength to handle the ups alongside the downs.”


  1. The Business Industry
Products or brands that inspire don’t have ‘customers’ –  they have fans. That’s why today’s brands are looking for an inspired and self-perpetuating consumer base that generates loyalty and longevity. Sponsoring some local events on Never Give Up Day offers corporations a substancial return on investment.  
“Advertising on Never Give Up Day gives immediate value and significance to anything you do.”